Treat yourself to one of a range of therapy treatments during your stay

Treatments are available midweek from one of our trained therapists.

If you are booking for mid-week treatments or for the spa day we will personally arrange a time that works for you . Please let us know the treatments you would like ideally a week before  to ensure that we can have the right therapist booked in for you (as not all therapists do all the treatments we offer)

If you are coming on one of our weekend retreats your choice of half-hour therapies can be booked after the evening meal on Friday.
Treatments start from £22.00 each and are undertaken by one of our fully qualified therapists. Additional treatments are available at differing prices subject to availability.
On the weekend retreats the treatments are offered on Saturday afternoon in half hour sessions to allow you sufficient time to enjoy the other facilities such as sauna and hot tub!