The Rosedale School of Yoga & Meditation can help you discover a path to health, happiness and well being, tailor made to your own specific needs. The school has its home here at The Orange Tree, where we run weekend retreats, one to one sessions and offer home practice support. We also have teachers running weekly classes in and around Yorkshire.

We offer a down-to-earth and holistic approach using a variety of yogic techniques to help bring balance to all aspects of your life. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ so it’s suitable for all ages and abilities – you certainly don’t have to be young, incredibly fit or super bendy to get the benefits! Our focus is on providing a caring, nurturing environment and plenty of expertise, to ensure the positive effects on your life are as far-reaching and beneficial as possible.

The Rosedale School of Yoga was founded by Edward Harpin  (Owner of The Orange Tree)