Our Jacuzzi hot tub

Our guests often mention the Jacuzzi hot tub as a highlight of their stay. It combines all the latest technology with a spectacular location and view to create a truly relaxing experience. The water is deliciously warm and a different combination of jets in each seat means you can find the perfect spot to encourage your whole body to relax.

The hot tub is outdoors covered by a cedar gazebo. It has slide back windows which allow you to feel like you are truly outside. It’s the perfect place to take in the stunning views or even watch the sun set over the moors.

So don’t forget to bring your swimming costume, flip flops and a dressing gown!



Whether you’ve been walking on the moors or just relaxing here at The Orange Tree a sauna is a great way to revitalize mind and body and steam any aches away!

There is a refreshing shower room for before and after and a selection of aromatherapy oils, such as eucalyptus or lavender are available on request.

Which are you going to choose? Spa or Sauna? Difficult decision?

Why not try both for a perfect day!


Relaxation Studio

Our purpose built relaxation studio is situated on the top floor of the Orange Tree. This beautiful, peaceful space is enhanced by skylights, a comprehensive sound system and a simple restful décor. It is a wonderful, relaxing place for guests to relax, enjoy yoga and meditation or participate in workshops.


Treatment Rooms

We have two newly renovated treatment rooms for you to relax in and enjoy your time with our experienced therapists. On weekends, the relaxation studio is also divided into two treatment rooms.


Dining Room

Our large dining room boasts spectacular views out over the valley to the moors. We have a long communal table where guests enjoy delicious vegetarian food and meeting like-minded people.


Guest Lounge

Our Guest Lounge The guest lounge is a cosy space with comfy leather couches, a great library and an open fireplace.  Use this space to relax, read, have a drink and chat with other guests.


Our Garden

We have a large garden for you to enjoy, with spectacular views across the valley and out over the moors. There’s a hammock, seating and plenty of space to lie out on the grass and read a book, chat or just relax.


Zen Chi Massager Bed

At the top of the stairs you will find the Zen Chi Massager Bed. This is a device used to stimulate the motion of a swimming fish, helping to improve one’s health by providing one with a convenient and easy way of exercising. The swaying motion of this amazing little machine energises all the joints in your body to relieve tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Additional facilities

As most mobiles don’t work in Rosedale, we have a Public telephone available so while you enjoy the silence, you can still contact people if you need to!